Fraction Feud: Comparing Fractions Game

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coverMaterials: 1 deck of “Fraction Feud” Cards
Number of Players: Two or more

Playing the Game

The Object of the game is to win the most “battles” and to have the most cards at the end of the game!

  1. Shuffle the Fraction Feud cards and deal them out so that each player must keep their cards in a pile face down, and players cannot took at their cards.
  2. Each player turns their top card face up and pulls it on the table. Players compare their fractions. The player with the greatest fraction takes all of the cards in play and adds them to the bottom of their pile(face down).
  3. Play continues in this manner, with each player placing their next in play so on.
  4. If there is a tie and the two highest fractions in play are equivalent (equal), then there is a feud! The tied cards stay on the table and both players place the next card from their pile face-down and then another face-up. The new face-up fractions are compared, and the fractions are equivalent. then the feud continues in the same manner. The feud goes on as long as the cards in play continue to be equal. As soon as they are different, the player with greater fraction wins all the cards in the feud.

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Sample Fraction Cards:

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